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CALL/TXT (917) 338-0645
Address: 48 Wall St. 5th Floor, NYC (Map)

xbox-one-repair-nyc (Walk In) + Nebraska Lincoln (Mail In Available)

Xbox One Repair from Lincoln - Nebraska

Yes! We've finally started offering Xbox One repair via mailing it from Lincoln, Nebraska, but if you live in NYC Manhattan (Financial District) it's easier to just stop by our office to get your Xbox One fixed. But if you must send your device in please keep reading:

We understand that mailing in your Xbox One repair can be a hassle. So, we came up with the simplest method of getting your device to us for repair: (it's literally 2 steps!) We ask you to skip the checkout process and ignore the order form. Just send your device to us and pay later. It can't get simpler than that!

(Step 1) Package device with our address on it. (Don't include wires/games!)
(Step 2) Bring package to the Post Office and pay for shipping.
(Step 3) We receive the package and we'll email you an invoice for the repair.

If you feel like processing the order and paying first, you can do that too. Just choose your Xbox One issue and add it to the cart.

Be sure to email us your tracking number so we know when to expect your package! We will diagnose the issue and contact you to let you know the cost of the repair before doing any work.

Important: Include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. Also, state the issue you're having with your Xbox One. No need to print anything out. We're trying to keep this as simple as possible!

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User Reviews

Service was very fast and friendly, will be returning with more business and telling my friends about it

Kevin P.
5/5 Stars

"Brought my PS3 there after it had a YLOD problem. The staff is very friendly and helpfull, and my 60 gb console is working just fine!
Thanks again! For me the best repair shop in town.

PS: The store itself is so damn cool ..."

Michael P.
5/5 Stars

Friendly service, they fixed my xbox with the red ring of death. The owner there is very knowledgeable about electronics, if you have a question(s) about problems with your gaming systems, he'll know the problem and the solution.

Henry C.
5/5 Stars

Xbox One / 360 - Recent Comments

nick - In addition to not reading games, my xbox won't connect with any of my wireless controllers.
David Kanof - I have a older model hard drive I want to transfer the information off to a new xbox, and It's not registering, can you help?
Shanila Casey - Hi my name is Shanila, my dog broke my xbox he knocked it down and the cd is stuck in side the console and I can’t remove it. I’m pretty sure that the cd is scratched as well because it made this weird grinding like noise. I just want to know how much will you charge to fix it and how long will it take. Thank you and have a nice day.
vaughn pierre - my xbox360 will not read games and if it does it scratches it.
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