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Address: 48 Wall St. 5th Floor, NYC (Map)

playstation-4-ps4-repair-nyc (Walk In) + Ohio Columbus (Mail In Available)

Playstation 4 - PS4 Repair from Columbus - Ohio

Yes! We've finally started offering PS4 repair via mailing it from Columbus, Ohio, but if you live in NYC Manhattan (Financial District) it's easier to just stop by our office to get your PS4 fixed. But if you must send your device in please keep reading:

We understand that mailing in your PS4 repair can be a hassle. So, we came up with the simplest method of getting your device to us for repair: (it's literally 2 steps!) We ask you to skip the checkout process and ignore the order form. Just send your device to us and pay later. It can't get simpler than that!

(Step 1) Package device with our address on it. (Don't include wires/games!)
(Step 2) Bring package to the Post Office and pay for shipping.
(Step 3) We receive the package and we'll email you an invoice for the repair.

If you feel like processing the order and paying first, you can do that too. Just choose your PS4 issue and add it to the cart.

Be sure to email us your tracking number so we know when to expect your package! We will diagnose the issue and contact you to let you know the cost of the repair before doing any work.

Important: Include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. Also, state the issue you're having with your PS4. No need to print anything out. We're trying to keep this as simple as possible!

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User Reviews

"My brother's Wii had a disk read error for about a month. I tried cleaning the lens via a Wii Lens Cleaning Kit (a big rip-off), but that didn't work.
I called xCubicle and asked them about the problem. They knew right away how to fix it. The lens needed to be replaced.
I dropped off the Wii and paid the $20 cash deposit. I picked up the repaired Wii three days later and paid the remaining $40 balance.
They did an excellent job and rushed the job, so that my brother could get his Wii earlier to play over the weekend. I would definitely go there again for video game repairs."

S C.
5/5 Stars

Great guy, extremely knowledgable, fast. Not cheap, but worth it, literally fixes most things while you wait. Can't beat that!

nick a.
5/5 Stars

this is probably the quickest and most budget-friendly place I've been to for my x-box repair. I know nothing about games and was trying to get a video game for my boyfriend as a present, the shop owner was very nice and patient and helped answer all my questions about the x-box and games. There's also a painting of the "1-up" mushroom on their gate-which I thought was pretty creative!

Michelle L.
5/5 Stars

PS3 / PS4 - Recent Comments

maleek mcneil - ps3 isnt reading my disks games but still plays games that are downloaded on the system
Isaac Rosario - Hello I hope you are having a good day My Ps4 is currently having problems with it randomly showing a screen that says connect usb cord and press ps button at same time and doesn't work i then proceeded to initialize my ps4 geting rid of my games and i have to re download from my ps plus account it has happened twice and sony says that i might have to get it replaced so i want to see if you guys can me endeavour Thank You For Your Time And Please Contact Me If You Can Help
sean newell - my hard drive died in my ps3 so i was able to load the safe mode menu but when i go to load the update from the usb it wont recognize. i formatted the usb stick to fat32, i made folder PS3 and inside i made folder UPDATE and then i put the ps3 firmware file in there and the ps3 will not recognize the usb.
Mase - I would like to replace the TIM underneath the IHS's on the CPU and GPU. I can dismantle the PS3 and bring in the bare motherboard. I would like a quote on the cost to just remove the two IHS's.