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playstation-4-ps4-repair-nyc (Walk In) + Connecticut Hartford (Mail In Available)

Playstation 4 - PS4 Repair from Hartford - Connecticut

Yes! We've finally started offering PS4 repair via mailing it from Hartford, Connecticut, but if you live in NYC Manhattan (Financial District) it's easier to just stop by our office to get your PS4 fixed. But if you must send your device in please keep reading:

We understand that mailing in your PS4 repair can be a hassle. So, we came up with the simplest method of getting your device to us for repair: (it's literally 2 steps!) We ask you to skip the checkout process and ignore the order form. Just send your device to us and pay later. It can't get simpler than that!

(Step 1) Package device with our address on it. (Don't include wires/games!)
(Step 2) Bring package to the Post Office and pay for shipping.
(Step 3) We receive the package and we'll email you an invoice for the repair.

If you feel like processing the order and paying first, you can do that too. Just choose your PS4 issue and add it to the cart.

Be sure to email us your tracking number so we know when to expect your package! We will diagnose the issue and contact you to let you know the cost of the repair before doing any work.

Important: Include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. Also, state the issue you're having with your PS4. No need to print anything out. We're trying to keep this as simple as possible!

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User Reviews

"Outstanding service. Cheaper and quicker than using Sony's prescribed repair procedures.
My PS3 lens reader just broke and bought it to them for service. It took just a little less than a week for repair. If I used Sony, they would have sent me a box for the PS3 to mail and then wait almost a month for its repair and return."

Pat@xCubicle Reply:
"2/29/2012 Hey Seven, Thanks for the review, its much appreciated by the XCUBICLE team =)."
Seven K.
5/5 Stars

These guys are awesome. Note only did they fix my nexus 4 screen in an hour, same day, but it's perfect. It's as good as new if not better. Their pricing is also incredibly fair--they charged maybe $30-$40 over the cost of the LCD + digitizer part, and it's well worth it. RECOMMEND.

Pat@xCubicle Reply:
Thank you for your generous review on our Nexus 4 repair!! Greatly appreciated =)
Elliott B.
5/5 Stars

Look, I am a techie kind of a guy, so when something breaks I will try and fix it myself, and if I can't I'll take it to the Mfg. My PSP 1000 was broken, I read all I could online and felt like I had a good idea what was wrong, but I could not be sure. I brought the PSP to XCubicle and they had an idea for a quick fix, but it didn't work out, the MB had to be replaced (Which BTW was what I was figuring anyway) They took care of it and I had it back the next day, fully functional (My PSP had been broken for nearly a year) The price was reasonable and by that I mean less then half of what a new device would cost. But you cannot buy a new PSP 1000 anymore can you. They do all sorts of work there including fixing RROD and burnt out Blue Ray Lasers, they are super nice and friendly. I am sure I will be sending devices to them again in the future, and that anyone I know with bad hardware is going to be getting an earful from me about why they should go to XCubicle.

Kent S.
5/5 Stars

PS3 / PS4 - Recent Comments

Abigail Murillo - PLAYSTATION turns on, but no audio or video. Green light comes on. I removed the hard drive to ensure that the issue wasnt hard drive corruption, but screen was still blank with no signal. Tried changing thermal paste to no avail.
Alex Lindsey - PS3 Slim- 120gig I was playing a game and the system shut down with no warning; even the red ligt was off. After disconnecting and reconnecting the power, I was able to power up the system for several seconds, then it made a loud "click" and shut down. Once again all the lights were off and I had to reset power. I let it sit overnight, and tried it again in the morning, it stayed on longer, but again clicked and shut completely down. Additionally, do you still offer pick up/delivery for $20? Thank you, Alex
Anthony Soberanis - My wife turned off my ps3 from the back. When i turn it on, no signal is coming to tv. I held the power button for 3 beeps and got a screen with 6 options. I picked the option I needed and left the ps3 alone. 8hrs. later, nothings happened. please help!!!
Clayton Santos - PS3 turns on but it doesn't show any image on TV, tested on different HDMI and Component cables and it didn't work. 1) Is there any idea what it could be? 2) How much would it cost to be fixed? 3) How long does it take? I will be 3 days in NYC (from March 18th to 21st) and I would like to know if those days would be enough for you to fix the equipament Thanks Clayton
Charles McKee - I have an original CECHA01 PS3. I just performed a reflow on it as it had YLOD. This is not my first YLOD reflow job. Usually the PS3s work fine afterwards, but this one did not...and it's my personal unit. :( I have a Green power light, and on the composite out I get garbage video that looks similar to this: HDMI out was blank. After a few moments, I now get no signal at all from the composite outs and the HDMI is still blank, but with signal. I am able to hold the power button down for the video reset function, but the entire system locks up a few seconds afterwards and can only be shutdown from the switch in the back. I'm pretty sure I need a new graphics chip.