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Playstation PS3 Repair

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Live in New York City? You can drop it off at our shop in Manhattan.

We also have a mail in option, but we understand that mailing in a repair can be hassle. So, we have come up with 2 options to get your device fixed by mailing it in:

Option #1: Process the order by selecting the issue your having and pay for the repair first and mail it in.

Option #2: Skip the checkout process and just send your device to our address. Just make sure to email us your tracking number! We will diagnose the issue and call you to let you know how much is the repair before proceeding.

Please Note: Please include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. No need to print anything out. We're saving trees and your time!

Customers are responsible for packaging and shipping the system to us. Click here for our mailing address or call us for help.

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User Reviews

"Outstanding service. Cheaper and quicker than using Sony's prescribed repair procedures.
My PS3 lens reader just broke and bought it to them for service. It took just a little less than a week for repair. If I used Sony, they would have sent me a box for the PS3 to mail and then wait almost a month for its repair and return."

Pat@xCubicle Reply:
"2/29/2012 Hey Seven, Thanks for the review, its much appreciated by the XCUBICLE team =)."
Seven K.
5/5 Stars

Yay, my Nintendo Wii is fixed! xCubicle fixed the drive issue on my Wii for a straight up $60, which covered labor and parts. Service was great, communication was great, all around a great business to go to. Cash only!

Pat@xCubicle Reply:
Thank you for such a positive review on our service on your Wii + the reminder of Ca$h only =). We're happy that you're happy.
Linda S.
4/5 Stars

Thank you! I now have a functioning ps3! These were my last hope, after checking out Video Games New York and calling around to a bunch of other places. Everyone said my ps3 was done for - no one was sure whether it was a firmware or hardware issue and it kept freezing up and turning green. I know - tragic. xCubicle has the best service I have ever experienced for tech repairs or tech anything for that matter. I dropped my forsaken ps3 off on Monday, received phone calls on Thursday and Friday and picked up a brand new, refurbished one on Monday. Excellent turn around time for something that was next to trash. They didn't fix it, but they did have great pricing for replacements and the transparency was refreshing. I managed to keep the same fat ps3 model and it runs smoothly, 60 day warranty included. Thanks again, Susan!

Pat@xCubicle Reply:
Thank you for your awesome and honest review. Much appreciated =).
Morgen B.
5/5 Stars

PS3 / PS4 - Recent Comments

XCAI Bot 7186078942 - MY SYSTEM DOESN’T TURN ON BUT THE BLUE LIGHT APPEARS Current Page: Previous Page:
Alex Kirwin - I have had my original 60 gig PS3 for almost 5.5 years with no issues during that time despite multiple apartment moves, entertainment setups and relatively long play sessions. On Saturday morning about 60 min into playing a game the system suffered what must have been a severe heat overload and shut down. I was able to restart it for about 5 sec, enough time to get the disc out after which it completely shut down offering a blinking yellow light which then switches to a blinking red light if you try and restart it. Looking to see if I can possibly get this fixed, my #1 priority being having it work long enough to get my game data backed up, however if it can be restored to full working order that would be ideal. Regards, Alex
Angel Merejo - My Ps4 is not displaying anyrhing on the screen, it does turn on but a blue light glows and nothing displays.
Alexander Castro - Hello, My PS3's internet does not work. Whenever I plug in the ethernet cable I receive an error message stating it is not plugged in. I have attempted to reformat the system and even took it apart and put it back together to no avail. Regards, Alex
miz banks - Hi i have the xbox one. Its the one i got right as it was released. A few years ago. Its been working fine till recently.& the problem i have is at first. My block. ( the plug ) would have a orange light and wouldnt let me turn on the system. Id always have to unplug it. Plug it back it. & then when the white light came on . Id turn it on. I dont really.mind that. But the problems imhaving now are a real issue. Im constantly hearing the eject button. Like if someone is pressing it. But The disc doesnt eject. It only ejects if i press it. So i was like ok. I just gotta deal with an annoying sound. . But now i have a big problem. Im constantly hearing my power button like if someone is pressing it. But in this case it IS going off. It.keeps turning off. . I turn it back on. U hear the ejecting sound like crazy. & then a few mins later the system shuts off again bcuz its as if someone touched the power button. Is there any way for u guys to fix that? Or u cant? Cuz i see u dont have something like that listed.Let me know. & let me know of a price.& Also my ps4 The HDMI port is sunken inside the system. It turns on but i get no picture Obviously. Let me know of a price for that too. Thanks -Penny