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Address: 48 Wall St. 5th Floor, NYC (Map)

Playstation PS3 Repair

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Live in New York City? You can drop it off at our shop in Manhattan.

We also have a mail in option, but we understand that mailing in a repair can be hassle. So, we have come up with 2 options to get your device fixed by mailing it in:

Option #1: Process the order by selecting the issue your having and pay for the repair first and mail it in.

Option #2: Skip the checkout process and just send your device to our address. Just make sure to email us your tracking number! We will diagnose the issue and call you to let you know how much is the repair before proceeding.

Please Note: Please include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. No need to print anything out. We're saving trees and your time!

Customers are responsible for packaging and shipping the system to us. Click here for our mailing address or call us for help.

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User Reviews

"Sure they will fix your consoles, but they will return your consoles in a damaged state.
The NDS Lite that I had taken to xCubicle to repair worked afterwards but the external shell was completely scratched up. I provided photographs showing that my NDS Lite was in perfect condition (I had installed a custom shell so there were no marks or scratches) and I provided photographs of what my NDS Lite looked like after they repaired it, which was scratched up all over on the front and the back. However, xCubicle refused to provide appropriate compensation and I am now contacting the Better Business Bureau in order to sort things out.
Long story short: GO ANYWHERE ELSE. This place does not accept that they made mistakes and they will continue to try and pass the blame onto you if there are any damages."

Jacob O.
1/5 Stars

"AMAZING. Stumbled on this place through google cause my Playstation 80 GB (backwards compatible) would not even turn on anymore after i tried to reflow and reapply the thermal paste a third time myself. I brought it here and they charged me a $30 diagnostic fee and $70 more if they fixed the problem.
Sure enough, in one day, they had my PS3 bumping and alive once again. They showed me on a monitor that it turned on and even put a game in to verify that it was reading discs. The lady associate i dealt with was very professional and courteous. It's cash only but definitely well worth it! I now know where to go for my system needs. Highly highly recommended. Love you guys and gals!
PS - love the little figures and art in the window. Keep up the excellent work!"

Joe A.
5/5 Stars

This guy is good. Goes out of his way to be helpful & does a nice, clean job.

I A.
5/5 Stars

PS3 / PS4 - Recent Comments

Ryan Brathwaite - I had to reset my ps3 while playing a game and when it turned back on it wouldnt read the disc. I tried putting in different games but it wouldnt read those either.
Briant - I mistakenly broke off my ps3 fan connector from the board. I just wanted to know how much it would cost to fix this?
Sebastian Wozniak - Once I turn my PS3 on I get a fuzzy picture and there no sound. This problem occurred after my PS3 had overheated one day.
Justin Luther - I think my CPU or GPU may have become partially unseated from the board. When I boot up, most times nothing happens but sometimes I get to the icons and then after a few seconds the system freezes with pixelated blue and green colors over the displayed icons. Sometimes I still get the audio from clicking on the icons at that point. In safe mode, the system seems pretty stable and I can execute the option 3 thing, I think it's called re-do file system or something. After that, the icons screen seems to last a little longer but still eventually freezes with the colors. I haven't had YLOD yet. I have a new slim ps3 that I'd like to transfer the files to but I can't keep the old system alive long enough to do the transfer thing. Thanks for the help, Justin
Darren Fletcher - Hello, I am from NJ, but I am in the military currently stationed overseas. My PS4 will not display anything, I'm pretty sure the HDMI port is shot. I was going to send it in to get diagnosed. Once you ID and fix the problem, do you return items to an APO address? Thanks! V/r Darren