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Playstation PS3 Repair

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Live in New York City? You can drop it off at our shop in Manhattan.

We also have a mail in option, but we understand that mailing in a repair can be hassle. So, we have come up with 2 options to get your device fixed by mailing it in:

Option #1: Process the order by selecting the issue your having and pay for the repair first and mail it in.

Option #2: Skip the checkout process and just send your device to our address. Just make sure to email us your tracking number! We will diagnose the issue and call you to let you know how much is the repair before proceeding.

Please Note: Please include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. No need to print anything out. We're saving trees and your time!

Customers are responsible for packaging and shipping the system to us. Click here for our mailing address or call us for help.

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User Reviews

what to say that xcubicle r the best in new york ty for fix my x-box-360

Eddie D.
5/5 Stars

"Brought my PS3 there after it had a YLOD problem. The staff is very friendly and helpfull, and my 60 gb console is working just fine!
Thanks again! For me the best repair shop in town.

PS: The store itself is so damn cool ..."

Michael P.
5/5 Stars

Unfortunately they don't take anything outside their standard list of services it seems. For example I asked if they could put back together my iPhone which someone else opened and couldn't re-assemble. They said no because they don't want to be liable. I understand the point, but sorry, that's pretty weak.

Pat@xCubicle Reply:
Let's be fair here. You should have been more responsible with your iPhone. We were cordial with you on the phone and we were honest with you. We made clear of what we do and what we don't do. We did not provide any services for you, the only thing that we did provide was friendship and honesty. We gave you 99.9% of customer service that the other place didn't give you. It's quite unfortunate that our relationship has turned sour so quickly. Please reevaluate your review. Your time and effort will be greatly appreciated.
Jorge O.
2/5 Stars

PS3 / PS4 - Recent Comments

WAYNE - I have a ps4 only 3 mths old ;has water damage is this something you can repair ; from troy ny
Miguel - My ps3 only reads movies but no games
Emmett - Hello, I have come to you guys before for system upgrades and to fix a broken 360- you guys did a great job! I have an almost launch PS3. It is the fat model with the PS2 chip inside. It has not broken yet or given the YLOD but I feel like it might break soon. Also, now I am playing Dark Souls II on my PS3 for hours at a time so it is pushing the system. I want to know if you can help me with these issues - can you reflow/reball my PS3 even though it has not broken yet? - will I lose all of my save data? - if I back up the system to an external drive, can it be restored? - If I supply a compatible new SSD hard drive, can you install it? - How much would it be for a reflow/reball, Fan upgrade, and SSD install? - Are there any other upgrades you would recommend if I would like to keep using my PS3 for many years? Thank you for your time. -Emmett
Lucas - Hi, I just bought the a bunch of games for my ps3 today, and when i tried to start them, a loading symbol would come up for a bit and then nothing. Cds, dvds and gta 5 still work though. It seems as though it can play game disks that are already installed. The new games are mixed, pre owned and new, so I don't thin they disks are defective or scratched. the disk drive motor also seems a little skittish when pulling disks into the console. I got a repair from a friend that used to work at 8 bit and up, but I think he might have done a shoddy makeshift job. That also means that my warranty is voided. Is there any way the work can be done the same day I drop it off?
Patrick scroggins - PS3 is not playing DvD and makes a scratching sound when disc is inside. and now i have a video games stuck in the system