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Nexus 5X Teardown Disassembly + Qi Wireless Charging Mod + 3000mah Battery Mod

*Update 2016-Jan-28 - A few customers asked about the 3000mah battery mod. We finally made some time and got it working. See updated pics below.

For those looking to have us do the qi wireless mod, go here: Nexus 5x Mod Service

We just did a quick teardown of the Google Nexus 5X after only receiving it a few hours. The phone definitely does feel very similar to the Nexus 5 having that it was also created by LG. The cover on this thing was pretty easy to take apart by gliding a plastic pick along the edges of the screen. Once that's out everything else seems pretty straight forward in taking about. No worries of hidden wires!

I was quite shocked to find out the Nexus 5X didn't come with Qi Wireless charging when every other nexus device had it previously. Luckily I had a few qi wireless pad receivers lying around and decided to MacGyver it to have it charge. Overall it works, but the charging is obviously slow. Its only been a day since I got it working and haven't fully tested out this wireless charging on different chargers yet. It's definitely something you can't do at home unless you have a microscope and super thin soldering iron. If there is enough interest in this mod I'll consider offering it as modding service. But as for now, consider it as an experimental R&D.